Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IF: Time

Deze week bij IF het onderwerp: "time". Eerst wilde ik mijn wekker, die mij elke ochtend uit mijn heerlijke slaap haalt, in beeld brengen. Toch gekozen voor een tijdsbeeld van een vaasje tulpen. En zoals te zien is: alles vergaat uiteindelijk.

This week's topic is time. First I wanted to draw my alarmclock, who wakes me brutaly every morning. Finaly I choose a timeframe of a few tullips. And as you can see: everything will perish eventually.

aquarel/watercolor - 15 x 20 cm.
klik voor vergroting / click to enlarge


  1. Wonderful take to this topic, Brigitte! Like it!

  2. what a sad ending to the poor flowers.. but thats how things are haha
    i really like the simplicity of your picture and the little details that make it interesting. awesome idea you had by putting the two flies on the third vase =D

  3. Excellent-- love the little fly on the last one. Great illustration!

  4. Wonderful - you've captured the cycle of life and the passing of time in a very delicate, beautiful and poignant way. Very well done!!!

  5. I like this much better than the alarm clock idea. Very sentimental and touching this play with tulips. I bought some the other day and when I came home the next day, they drooped :( Thanks!


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