Sunday, May 3, 2009

IF: Hierarchy

Hierarchy can be explained in several ways, I found these in the dictionary:

"any system of persons or things rankes one above another"
"a series of which each element is graded or ranked"

and this reminded me of a drawing I made a few months ago: parrot Tequilla loves to play with these wooden blocks and knows exactly in what order to put them back - in the right hierarchy.

click to enlarge


  1. Wow, Brigitte, this is amazing! You do fantastic realistic animal illustrations. Beautiful colors, textures and light. I love the parrots' feathers and the grain of the woodblock. Great work!

  2. beautiful work Brigitte! I really like how you captured the shiny textures and the parrot's expression.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


  3. Wow! I thought this to be a photograph initially. The shading & textures are very nice.

  4. Great colours - lovely painting!

  5. Brigitte, this is wonderful. I really like your take on the theme and your artwork is absolutely amazing!

  6. Thanks for visiting, Brigitte, and your kind words.

    I sometimes like to think I have a twisted mind. That's what keeps me going!

    Fantastic drawing, by the way. I thought it was a photo at first!


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