Friday, July 24, 2009

The book arrived

Today, the book I ordered, arrived by mail: "Lifelike portraits from Photographs". I hope to learn more about creating portraits of humans in graphite. Never done it before but someone asked me to make a portrait of their children, therefore I will start with the subject "human".... I am scared, drawing people is soooo difficult.


  1. Best of luck with your challenge to draw difficult! Although your beautiful and extremely well observed horse drawings make this a natural step :)

  2. I agree with Bee! I think you will need just a little bit of practice to get the results you want. All your animals portraits show that you have a talent for capturing and depicting real life with both accuracy and feeling.

  3. Portraits are hard but I second what Monica and Bee say. I think you'll do a great job - just look at how beautiful your horses turned out!
    Thank you for coming to my blog earlier today! =)

  4. O, wat een leuk boek. Lijkt me heel leuk om een gezicht na te tekenen van een foto. Zo te zien (de ogen uitleg en voorbeeld) wordt het ook echt goed uitgelegd. Ik ben benieuwd naar de resultaten er van.

  5. Just practice practice practice... you'll be doing it in no time! If you can draw a horse, you can draw a person ;).


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