Monday, September 21, 2009

IF: Infinite

Finally I found some time to participate again!!

My bunny-friend loves to watch Star Trek movies (and series) or other SF. While watching them, he wonders about how infinite the universe is and what could be beyond.


  1. Bunny has good taste!

    I'm also a big fan of SF and Fantasy movies and books!

    Nice perspective! :-)

  2. Hé, een Star Trek film in de bioscoop. Goede smaak van het muisje. Lijken me wel vreselijke stoelen, ze staan zo rechtop. ;)Mooi getekend Brigitte.

  3. I love Star Trek too,and bunny has good taste,
    Lovely illo

  4. Nice one, but is space infinite, if you think of space being in a box with six sides, where are the universe's sides, and who is holding the box? It keeps me awake at night sometimes, I'd recommend a nice bottle of red, it helps me.

    Thanks for the kind comment.

  5. Cool bunny is a sci-fi fan! Nice to visit again!

  6. It's a good film (the new one!). Bunny has exquisite taste! Nice watercolour!

  7. Great work! Love it! Though front row can make your neck ache ;)

  8. What a fun piece! Great colors, concept and perspective. Happy bunny and mouse :)

  9. I...was just watching...Captain Kirk...and...
    Mr. Spock...theothernight. know...I'm...ingoodcompany.

    How do you like my William Shatner impersonation? (Hee, hee)

    I'm in total agreement with Bunny. I'm a big Star Trek fan. Infinite possibilities, indeed.

    Have a great weekend, my dear.


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