Sunday, February 28, 2010

My first ATC

The last 18 months I have been more active on the internet (i.e. Illustration Friday) and I visited a lot of other artist's blogs. One thing I stumbled upon was "ATC" - and I became curious about this. ATC stands for 'Artists Trading Cards'. Some have huge collections of these cards.
There is only one rule: the cards must be 3.5" by 2.5" (8,9 cm by 6,4 cm) - the same size of a modern baseball card.
I liked this concept and I thought it was a challenge to create something that small. So there it is: my first ATC:

3.5" by 2.5" (8,9 cm by 6,4 cm), Derwent Colorsofts on 160 gr/m2 paper


  1. Mooi die verschillende kleuren rood! :)

  2. Wat een leuk initiatief is dat.
    Mooi de kersen. Je krijgt er zo in in. De lichtschittering is ook goed gemaakt. Dit heb je gedaan met pastelkrijt/potlood?

  3. Beautifully illustrated. Wonderful work. Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Have wonderful weekend

  4. Thanks for stopping by Brigitte and your kind comments. Congrats on your first ACEO - these cheeries are gorgeous, good enough to eat!

  5. Beautiful work, i like very much these picture.
    Have a nice monday

  6. Wonderful illo!Congrats on your first ACEO!:)

  7. Brigitte, these are beautiful! Wonderfully vivid colors and reflections.

    Your HORSES! I saw the portraits of your horses, and I was completely WOWed. They are gorgeous, and I'm sure they will hang proudly in their new home.


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