Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Animal Wednesday: a movie

Last week I got an invitation to participate as member in Animal Wednesday and I felt so honored.
So here it is, my first contribution to Animal Wednesday: an old movie I made in 2006 of my Roborovskii-hamsters. They could do this for hours!



  1. Hi Brigitte, So glad you participated in AW. These little guys are adorable! We used to have guinea pigs and they didn't chew neraly as vigously as your hamsters, kinda lazy. Thanks for sharing, HAW!

  2. That is the cutest thing! they are so adorable looking!!!
    Happy Animal Wednesday and thanks for joining

  3. Hi!
    If you love hamsters you will love this link!

    Welcome to Animal Wednesday!

    Wat een poepies heb je daar!!!!
    je moet echt even naar die link kijken, een ATC gemaakt door Lolo, ook iemand die aan Animal Wednesday meedoet!

    Happy Animal Wednesday!!!!!!
    Groetjes Marianne

  4. What a treat to see your hamsters!

    So very, very cute!


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