Sunday, April 4, 2010

Renee Award

This week I was honored to receive the Renee Award, given to me by Susan of Susan Beth Studio.

The award was created by Ces in honor of Renee, who is very dear to her and to many people in the blog-world and beyond. Renee has recently passed away and it has touched so many people, especailly Ces and Bella, who knew Renee for such a long time. The acorn stands for the friends we meet on our blogs, and who, at first are acorns, and than become big and strong oaks [Please visit this blog-entry to read the full story of the origin of the award].

These friends are an inspiration, although I never met them in real life, that is the amazing thing about the internet. Since this is a chain award, I want to give this award to bloggers who have inspired me in the last few months with their comments, suggestions and help in any other way.

I'm sorry if you're not in this list, I wish I could give it to all my visitors who left me comments on my work, because you all deserve this award!


  1. OH, Brigitte! What a gem you are...and congratulations on the Renee so deserve this! Thank you for this honor and for your kindness these many months I've come to know you. You are one fine acorn and friend! : )

  2. Oh, thank you dear Brigitte, you deserve this in many, many ways!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Easter!

  3. Congrats Brigitte and thank you very much for the Award:)

  4. Thank you Brigitte! This is truly an honor. The award itself is so special. It was created by 2 special people in honor of a very dear friend. Brigitte, you have been a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to me. You have become an "oak" to me. Thanks again my dear friend.

  5. Oh my goodness, I really am honored, thank you thank you so very very much.
    Your blog is always a pleasure to visit.

  6. Hi Brigitte! I've sent a little bear to thank you for the award...thank you! Hope you're well!

  7. Wow, Brigitte, what a lovely and touching award! Thank you so much, and congratulations on receiving the award as well! :-)

  8. Congratulations!!

    Proficiat met je award.
    Ik vind hem ook wel heel mooi staan op je blog! ;)
    Heel fijn voor je!!

  9. Hey, where's my name among the list of recipients? Hahah! Just kidding. May I just please say that Bella Sinclair and I collaborated on the award's design. There is possibly no way that I can draw as cute a girl like the little Renee on the award. Thank you very much. Today is Sisterfriend Day. Happy Sisterfriend Day to you, originally held to celebrate friendship with Bella Sinclair.

  10. Oh Brigitte. You deserve it, you deserve it, you deserve it! And so do all the wonderful recipients you passed it on to. You are such a talent and a sweet spirit, it's only fitting that YOU receive this award many times over.

    Love you much, my dear.

  11. Brigitte! I am sending you a gigantic squeeze and a big fat kiss. Thank you, my sweet friend. You deserve this award. Renee was and is truly a remarkable soul who continues to touch people and connect lives. Thank you for this. xoxo


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