Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Animal Wednesday: ladybug

Every winter ladybugs stay in hidden places in our attic to survive from the cold. In spring, when the temperatures are rising, they all come out and we have dozens of these cute little creatures on our window - trying to go out.
Me and my husband are helping them: catching the ladybugs and put them outside, where they belong.

watercolor, 15 x 20 cm
click to enlarge


  1. We get them here also, dozens in the house trying to go out thru closed windows.

    I always wondered how they got into the house???


  2. Yes, in the fall, there are dozens and dozens that get into the house and we help them out - there don't seem to be any here inside in the spring though, so I guess whatever ones get in our house, never make it?

    Well, this one is lovely Brigitte, I love how you captured the shiny red shell and curling leaf - wonderful!


  3. The illo is great but the colours are fantastic.Don't know how you menage to capture all animals details:)You are fantastic!

  4. Mooi brigitte, ik zie zo een schilderijtje al in m'n keuken hangen!! ;)

    Very Charming!!

  5. Beautiful. Love the shiny red shell.

  6. Everybody freaks out over creepy crawly insects but people seem to love Ladybugs.
    Beautiful watercolor.
    David, NYC

  7. OHH! This is GORGEOUS, Brigitte! This is one of your best pieces yet...I can feel the shine on that shell. : ) I can imagine what a neat sight it must be to see all of them. : )

  8. Wowie, beautiful! The shell is just gorgeous and perfectly shiny. This is a fantastic watercolor!

    I love finding ladybugs in the house! I almost wish I had aphids, too, so that I could feed them.

  9. lovely ladybug.

    what is it about ladybugs that we can stare at them and always smile? Great illo for animal wednesday!

  10. so lovely, the shiny red shell is so beautiful.
    we have many of these little creatures in the house every spring too and I always set them free.

  11. This is beautiful, just beautiful. I never have that problem, thank goodness. I don't think I could survive dozens of any kind of bugs in my abode.

    Have a great one!

  12. Your drawings are wonderful! As an "artist" myself found your work very perfect and beautiful.
    Ana from Brasil.


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