Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Cows and spiders

Last weekend I went, with my best friend, to a national election for cows: the most beautiful cows are shown and the best wins! This day was only for dairy cows.

I've never been to such an event before and I loved seeing all those different cows. Check out the slide show of just a selection of all the pictures I took that day:

And this picture, I took yesterday morning. In our front yard I saw this strange spiderweb (unusual in the Netherlands) and when I looked closer, I saw it was a spiders home.
(click to enlarge, if you're not afraid of spiders ;) )

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. I love cows,don't know why but I love them:)Your pictures are wonderful:)But...spiders:(Great photo:)

  2. They are beautiful, Brigitte! Even cows are beautiful! Great photos. And what a scary spider shot. Oh my!


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