Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animal Wednesday: unexpected guest

Today, when I was doing the dishes in the kitchen, I thought I heard a noise from an animal coming from the living room. Since it wasn't a noise my hamsters usually make, I started to look around. Just when I was wondering if I was getting crazy (hearing noises that aren't really there), my husband discovered an unexpected guest on our kitchentable: a Diamond Dove.
He (or she) escaped from the aviary from our neighbour. Now (s)he is back with his friends.

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  1. How sweet! What a nice visitor.

  2. What a pretty dove. I'm so happy she is back home. We inherited our cockatiel because she escaped from somewhere and we never found her owner so now she belongs to us and we love her!


  3. what a beautiful bird! how did you get it back to it's owners?...and how do birds and hamsters get along???

  4. Such beautiful pictures, what a lovely surprise visit!

    Brigitte, thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, I really appreciate it! :-)

  5. Wow! I come here, and who is here to greet me, but a dove!


  6. O wat een leuk bezoekje!
    Wat speciaal!
    Ik ben al veel te lang niet op je blog geweest Ik heb net even alle gemiste posts gelezen en bekeken.
    Wat een leuke illos heb je weer gemaakt!
    Die muis , het dagboek.....

    Groetjes uit Zeeland!

  7. Waw, prachtige foto's!! t' Is ook een prachtig beestje! :) Toch altijd speciaal als je een bezoekje van een vogel krijgt!


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