Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Beautiful Black Stallion

My sister in law, Sophia, has been riding dressage and show jumping since she was a little girl. Her dream came true when she founded a boarding and training dressage facility in the States. She is riding shows and competitions (her last result was a test score of 65.7% at a Prix St. George!!). 

In this video you see her riding a Frisian Stallion, named Tito, at the Black Stallion Show in Amite, Louisiana. Take a look at that beautiful horse and the wonderful costume Sophia is wearing. 

Enjoy! HAW!


  1. This is so beautiful - her costume and the wonderful horse along with the music!! Does she live and ride in Louisiana?? thanks for posting this

  2. Such lovely horses :-D Thank you for sharing!

  3. Brigitte....I am so thrilled to see this video of your SIL and Tito. Once Upon A Time, I did some Dressage....(on a Morgan)....but, I confess - my FAVOURITE breed of Horse is the Frisian! I have gone to see them at many a show....and have petted them.....but, oh to ride one.....sigh.....

    The costumes are is Tito and your SIL!

    Thank you so much for sharing this!


    ♥ Robin

  4. Oh how special!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
    Je bent vast heel erg trots op je schoonzus!
    Wat een prachtig paard!!!! Mooie video en muziek, maar dat paard.......geweldig, de mooiste die er zijn!

  5. Crazy, spirited and so adventurous :)

  6. Woooooowwwwww! Majestic! Gorgeous costumes and brilliantly gorgeous horses! I couldn't stop watching that flowing, long tail! I think the horse enjoys the music, too! Thanks for the video. :D


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