Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday we arrived back home from a wonderful holiday in Mexico. 

Of course we went to see Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, it was one of the reasons why we choose to go to Mexico. It is such a special place to visit and I was amazed to hear that only 10% of the temples and buildings in that site were revealed, the other 90% were still hidden in the jungle(s) or in the ground.

(Chichen Itza - click to enlarge)

We also took some trips to see the beauty of nature: a tour through the jungle and a lot of snorkeling-tours. We saw turtles, whalesharks and loads of colorful fish at the coral reefs. My husband saw one of the turtles very close: he got bitten by one! Luckily just a small wound. 

We made a lot of movies with our underwater-camera and soon as they are ready I will post the most beautiful parts, but I cannot describe what we have seen - you have to see it for yourself. The sea and beaches all have this great tropical feeling - a true holiday!

(Isla Mujeres - click to enlarge)


  1. It sure looks beautiful and tropical over there :)

  2. Heerlijk voor jullie, zo vakantie. Zeker een heleboel gezien en genoten! Het ziet er mooi uit (beiden foto's)

  3. Lijkt me een heerlijke vakantie! Ben benieuwd naar de foto's.

  4. Dat ziet er echt indrukwekkend uit !


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