Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Athena

Not much 'animal news' here. Just started with a new dog portrait. You can follow the progress on the left, at 'on my desk'. And the other things are just going as they go, and I crave for some spring and sun! 

But my hamsters don't mind the season. I photographed Athena, she has a kind of winter fur (more white than usual) and she still enjoys her mealworms. As you can see she'll come out of her safe coconut house to get some.

Click to enlarge


  1. I had no idea that hamsters ate mealyworms - I thought that they were strict vegetarians. Ah well...learn something new every day.

  2. Cute with her peeking out the hole.


  3. Athena is very cute (my brother's sweet german shepard was named athena) can't wait to watch the progress of your new dog portrait.


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