Sunday, March 6, 2011

Character studies

Some time ago I was approached by someone who was looking for an illustrator for her stories. She told me the headlines of some stories and they are amazing! So we both agreed that I would try to develop a character that would play a part in the illustrations. 

Click to enlarge

I've made so many sketches, but I think I have found a character (it's going to be the one on the left). These sketches are done with simple ink and colorpencil. I want to 'play' with that some more (proportions).


  1. Wat een leuke opdracht, Brigitte! Van alle kapsels vind ik ook de staartjes het leukst. Succes!

  2. she's definitely a cute character. I like the pony tails! good luck with the endeavor, too! sounds fun, you will have to keep us posted - xo

  3. Wat leuk Brigitte. De met de staartjes omhoog is de vrolijkste.

  4. Congratulations Brigitte. I love the character you created.
    I wish you success in this new challenge.

  5. congratz met de opdracht en met het slagen van een geschikte character :) Ze is schattig :D

  6. Hahaha, she is cute! I love her little ponytails! Good luck with the project. It sounds exciting!


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