Wednesday, May 11, 2011

AW: Hummingbird rescued

Last week my sister-in-law rescued a little hummingbird - such a cute and little animal. I find it so amazing that in such a little creature everything is there: heart, lungs, stomach... just everything!! 

This post is for my sister-in-law (and her husband of course): I just want to tell that she is amazing with animals and that she is always helping them, just like after Katrina, when a lot of animals were abandoned or lost their homes. She gave them shelter or has given them a good new place to stay. Some of them are still in her little 'petting zoo'. And now this little guy...

Click to enlarge


  1. Wat schattig, zoooo klein! En wat een fantastische schoonzus heb jij!

  2. What a lovely, heart-warming story! Your SIL is a real "St. Francis"....

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful Animal Wednesday post!

    Hugs across the ocean,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. oh this is beautiful.. I love it when people help animals. I have helped many bird but never a hummingbird! Hug your sis for me :o)

  4. Thank your sister for me; God has a special place for those who take care and nurture His creations.

  5. Olá Brigitte!
    Eu amo animais e amo quem os ama! Parabéns!!!
    Bela atitude esta de cuidar dos animais!!!!

  6. What a lovely post and photo!


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