Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AW: Spoonbill

Finally some time to post something for AW!!

Last weekend we went out for a walk. Near our home, there are waters and a swamp-like piece of nature. We saw a big bird in the water... it turned out to be a spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)! I've never seen one in 'the wild' here in the Netherlands, only in zoo's.

Click to enlarge


  1. i have never seen a spoon bill....thanks for sharing. what a neat beak!
    ps - love that kitty in graphite onthe side bar

  2. Hee wat leuk, ook nog nooit gezien. Is dat een lepelaar?

  3. Great looking bird! Nice pic, too :) Are you going to draw it?

  4. ooo! o love love LOVE this bird! such personality and a built in face to draw! thanks for sharing it ab and as always, thanks SO much for the visit! "-)

    my spoonies!

  5. ~Heather: thanks!!

    ~Judy: dat is inderdaad een lepelaar!

    ~Elizabeth: I hope to find time to draw him (or her?)

    ~Froggie: your spoonbills are adorable!!

  6. What a beauty. Happy animal Wednesday to you.

  7. Thats an amazing bird - I wonder where it came from if you've never seen it before. HAW and thanks for the introduction to this new bird


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