Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anniversary blog: Give-away!

In 2006 I started with this blog, but had no idea what to expect. At first I only posted in Dutch but after a while I switched to English to reach more readers.When I started participating Illustration Friday, my blog grew faster and I met so many wonderful blog-friends from all over the world! You have inspired me with your comments and nice words.

On 23rd August it is my 5th anniversary of my blog and I want to celebrate it with a Give-Away to say 'thank you' to all of you! I've selected two of my ATC's (shown below) and you can have them! But there are 'rules' ;)

In order to participate in my give-away I want you to do the following things (not all steps  are necessary, but the more you do, the more chance you have to win!)
  1. leave a comment and tell me which one of the two ATC's you prefer;
  2. become a follower of my blog (if you already are a follower, let me know in your comment);
  3. put an announcement on your own blog to tell people about this give-away (and let me know in your comment).

If you do one of these things, your name will be put in the bowl once. If you do two of them: your name will be put in the bowl twice and if you do all of them: your name will be put in the bowl three times!

You can enter untill Tuesday 23rd August 16:00h GMT/UCT time (18:00h Amsterdam time). After that I have got a very independent judge to pick two names out of the bowl: my hamster Maya will do the honors.



  1. alvast gefeliciteerd Brigitte met je blogverjaardag! Je blog is in 5 jaar enorm gegroeid. Het is elke keer weer genieten van je werk. Ik doe trouwens niet mee met de give away. ;-)

  2. 5 jaar ... wat een tijd! Mijn blog bestaat komende zondag ook alweer 1 jaar. Succes met deze give away! Ik vind de zonnebloem heel mooi, en zou er graag voor in aanmerking komen. Ik ben al volger ;-) en zal kijken hoe ik jouw blog verwerk in een berichtje op de mijne ...

  3. Congrats to you. Your art is always so beautiful.
    Of course I would pick the daisy if I win. :)
    Yes, I am a follower.
    You just reminded me that I forgot my blog anniversary again. I started in August in 2005. I better give that some thought.

  4. Francisca R.8/15/2011 9:44 AM

    Via 'Inge' kwam ik op je blog terecht, wat maak je mooie dingen! Geweldig om het 5 jaar vol te houden, ik zou zeggen: op naar de volgende 5 jaar!
    Ik zet je blog bij m'n favorieten en doe graag mee met de giveaway en dan ga ik voor de lepelaar.
    Veel succes!

  5. Alvast gefeliciteerd met je blogverjaardag! Ik doe niet mee, maar ik vind de give away een leuk idee!

  6. Proficiat met je blogverjaardag.
    Zonnige groet uit Vlaanderen.

  7. P.S. Ik heb wel een link geplaatst. ;-)

  8. Congratz!! Ofcourse I put an announcement on my blog ;) I'm already a follower ofcourse ;) Love both of your ATC's especially the sunflower. I just love sunflowers, they make me happy, and respect that you made a sunflower on such a small piece of paper!!
    On to the next anniversary ;) Hope your blog wil grow even bigger and bigger :D

  9. I would pick the daisy too. I'm joining as a Follower today. Hope you'll stop by my blogs too, I have 4! My second time at Animal Wed. today. Nice blog you have!

  10. Brigitte.....CONGRATULATIONS on your fifth anniversary!!!! I have only been blogging for 18 months.....but YOURS is one of the blogs I most adore.... you have such a talent!

    I love both of your sketches.... but will remove myself from the will be a wonderful gift for a *new friend*!

    Hey....we both visited similiar places this week! Great dear friend!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. OEF, nog net op tijd!! Gefeliciteerd met je vijfde blog verjaardag!!! Hoe tof dat je ons de kans geeft om zo'n mooi aquarelletje van je te winnen!! Ik ben verkocht aan de watervogel!! Ik ben al een volger en ik heb voor je een berichtje achtergelaten op mijn blog!! :D



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