Monday, October 24, 2011

Fresh fairies

Last weekend it was a little girl's birthday and I wanted to add something special to her present. I asked Virginia from VCrea to provide something great: so Virginia got up very early in the morning to capture these little fairies and wrapped them in a beautiful gift-wrap. I've added a 20 cent (euro) so you can see how small these creatures are.

You should really check out VCrea's site for all the things she has to offer: cute earrings, matching bracelets - all handmade! And all special designs - designs you almost want to eat ;)

Click to enlarge


  1. Leuk kadootje! Ik heb net gekeken op de site: ik keek mijn ogen uit, wat mooi!

  2. So CUTE! I kind of want to set them free. :D


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