Thursday, October 13, 2011

More 10 minute sketches

As I told two weeks ago, classes have started again, with a new teacher. Check out his site and be amazed about what he's painting (and I know that I have still much to learn ☺): click here.

Last week our 10 minute assignment was practicing with perspective (New Orleans), this week's assignment was a 10 minute sketch of a plant or piece of fruit and color it. But we were only allowed to use the primairy colors: yellow, red and blue (mini apples).

New Orleans - click to enlarge

mini apples - click to enlarge


  1. Love the shading and texture you were able to do with the apples even though you had limited colors to work with.

  2. I love when you draw still-lifes. You really have an eye for it.

    It looks like your class is off to a great start =)

  3. Mooie schetsen Brigitte! Tien minuten is erg kort zeg! En wat een prachtige schilderijen maakt jullie leraar, ongelooflijk!

  4. Great results! Good luck with the class, sounds interesting!

  5. This is a great idea. Maybe I'll give it a try too. I especially like the apples. I don't know how I missed your kitty, but that's extra special too :)

  6. These are really great! Best of luck with your class. Hope you are well. :)


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