Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hurray - my first interview - ever!!

A few weeks ago I got an email from Deborah. She introduced herself as a Jazz singer and writer and extreme lover of art. She doesn't create, but enjoys it. She has an Art Column weekly and wanted to interview me.

I was honored and I loved answering her questions. So click here to read the interview and also visit Deborah's (aka Lady D) other sites like '5 Hugs a day' or listen to some of her wonderful music on this site.

Thank you Deborah for the interview!


  1. Watleuk Brigitte. Ook een leuk en interessant interview.

  2. Leuk interview, Brigitte! Wat een eer!

  3. Nice!! En erg leuk om te lezen ook. Dat van hand na tekenen rond 12e herken ik, was een opdracht van school. Ook ik was trots met het resultaat. Docent wat minder kan ik me herinneren LoL, maar heeft me nooit tegen gehouden om verder te gaan ;)

  4. Really nice interview Brigitte!

  5. The perfect solution for "round"! Love it :) Great interview too. Congratulations!


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