Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birdpark Avifauna

Yesterday we've visited a birdpark (we = some fellow artists and me). Of course we've seen lots of birds and we've been sketching a lot.

One of the fun attractions was feeding the Lori birds (see picture of a Lori, no - I did not add colors in Photoshop - they really have those wonderful colors!).


I took a lot of pictures at the birdpark. If you want to see a selection of them, follow this link and press the > button to scroll through the album. I still have to scan the sketches I made.


  1. Wat een ongelooflijk prachtige kleuren, zeg! Ook de andere vogelfoto's zijn erg bijzonder! Ben benieuwd naar de schetsen, Brigitte!

  2. Wij hebben genoten van je mooie foto`s Brigitte.
    Wat een prachtige kleuren hebben de vogels toch geweldig!!!!

    Groetjes van Herman & Nel.

  3. I can't wait to see the sketches! Meanwhile, your photos are spectacular!!


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