Sunday, November 18, 2012

My first oil painting

Finally I did it - my first oil painting!

I got the paint, medium and brushes as a gift, a long time ago. But I was a bit reluctant to try. Don't know why... Drawing classes have started and our teacher said to me: 'the way you paint in watercolor, you could do so much more with oil paint - try it!'. So I did - and I am happy I did.

Of course it is not a master piece and I still have to learn a lot about how to handle the material (sooooo different than watercolor or pastels). So next classes will be dominated with oil paintings.

But here it is: my first oil painting ☺

Oil painting (watermixable oil), 10 x 12 cm


  1. Hoi Brigitte:) Gefeliciteerd met je eerste olie schilderij! Ik vind hem heel mooi geworden hoor! Is het op papier of doek? En maak je vooraf ook een schets? Ik ben benieuwd naar je volgende:)

    1. Hoi Renate, bedankt! Dit is op oefenpapier gemaakt, wel 400 gr/m2 dik dus het kan wat hebben. Ik heb wel een schetsje vooraf gemaakt.

  2. Hallo Brigitte

    Erg Mooi!
    Succes verder.

  3. Wat leuk dat olieverf je zo goed is bevallen! Ik vind het resultaat geweldig! Ben wel benieuwd naar je ervaringen.

  4. Leuk dat je je hebt gewaagd aan olieverf. Zo te zien gaat dat je goed af. Komt er meer? Leuk werk!

  5. Excellent! I love it! Do more!! :)

  6. Oooooh, well done! The cherry glistens and looks so tempting. Hooray for trying something new!

  7. I love oils. They let you do things you can't do with watercolors. I'll be interested to see what you do with your new medium. Love the cherry :)

  8. een nieuwe techniek voor jou, erg dapper! herman.

  9. Wow oil painting and photo shoots! you’ve been busy. And it is all so wonderful!

  10. Congratulations, you are very brave. :) I love the rich color. Nicely done!

  11. WOW - congrats, looks like you totally know what you are doing and you never even used oils before!!
    Looks so juicy and good enough to eat


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