Saturday, August 15, 2009

Practice! Practice! Practice!

A few weeks ago I told I bought a book "How to draw lifelike Portraits" by Lee Hammond . Almost every chapter ends with a summary of do's and don'ts ... and ... the instructions: "practice - practice - practice".
So that is what I started to do: here the first results - remember: I have never drawn a human face (of part of it) before...

click to enlarge


  1. Well, Brigitte, I think for first results these are amazing! You have a talent for drawing portraits!

  2. They look great! One thing I remember from my art classes was that we shouldn't look at eyes as eyes (or a hand as a hand etc) because then we'll miss all of the lines and contours of the subject and we'll just draw what we think it should look like. Honestly, it looks like you've done a good job of drawing what you see!

  3. Very nice start! Great features to start with. I'm sure you will enjoy the eye.

  4. Beautiful! Looks like practice is paying off. This is so true!


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