Friday, January 1, 2010

Hamsters Josey and Yesse

First of all:

Happy New Year to you all!

Yesterday I finished these two drawings, in commission, for someone.
The first one is hamster Josey, the second one is hamster Yesse. I am starting to like working on coloured paper.

click to enlarge


  1. Brigitte, Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments! I looked around here and love it, you have a new follower! I love your hamsters, they are so sweet. Me being primarily a colored pencil artist, you'd think I could tell - but I'm just not completely sure, is this work pastel or colored pencil? I would guess pastel. Also, if you get a chance, when you come back to my blog feel free to post photos of your hamsters on my slideshow - I LOVE seeing everyone's pets it makes my day!

  2. Wonderful little fellow Mr. Josey is... nice work! Happy New Year Brigitte!

  3. Happy New Year to you!
    They are amazing!They are so full of expression!Love them!

  4. Happy New Year, and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Oh, how cute the hamsters, Josey and Yesse! What great illustrations, you are soooo very talented!

    Have a wonderful and successful year!

  5. Schitterend gemaakt Brigitte. De haartjes zijn zo mooi getekend en hun oogjes: echt goed gedaan.

  6. Great looking Hamsters. Nice textures and contrast!

  7. Lovely hamsters! Love the fur!


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