Saturday, January 2, 2010

IF: Renewal

In the spring, all the trees will have a renewal of all their leaves. But before that can happen, in the autumn the leaves are dropped in the most wonderfull colors.

This is a sketch in sanguine, I hope to make it some day with autumn-colors.

click to enlarge


  1. What a beautiful drawing. A lovely representation of renewal and rebirth.

    Great illo!

  2. This is such a beautiful illustration. So fresh and renewing it is. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy New Year to you as well and I hope that it will be a wonderful one too!

  3. Very nice. The cyle of life is a continual renewal. Excellent work

  4. Very nice. I don't think it needs to be colored. It's beautiful as it is!

  5. BEautiful entry!!! Light and crisp feel.


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