Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AW: Sketching in the Zoo

Last Saturday I went to the zoo with some fellow artists, to practice our sketching. Luckily the weather was OK, not too hot and almost no rain. It was much fun to do and we all agreed to do this more often.

Below just a selection of my sketches (all done with permanent ink and watercolor), if you want to take a look at all of them, just visit my sketch-album.

(Click to enlarge)

Next week it is my blog anniversary. For those who have missed that post about how I want to celebrate this, click here for the give-away


  1. What a fun day! I should follow your example. Put me in for your giveaway too. I especially like the sunflower. Happy blogversery!!

  2. these are very good! nice work.

  3. A zoo os such a fun place to sketch. These are neat! I need to go at the rest.

  4. Love them all. My fav is the one of the flamingos :) All great, tho :)


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