Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maya has drawn the winner!

Thank you all for joining my blog give-away to celebrate the 5th anniversary of my blog! As promised, Maya has drawn two names who will get an ATC. To show you how unprejudiced she has been, we filmed the drawing!

I tried to add nice music, but that doesn't work (yet).

Inge and Teri C are the winners!

Of course Maya deserved a treat afterwards:
And to show that everybody had a chance to win: here are all the names.


  1. WHOOHOO!! Thank you Maya! How neat to have my name picked by that little cutie.
    And thank you so much for having the giveaway. I will send you an email.
    I am just so thrilled! Thank you.

  2. Oh gosh, I was so excited I forgot tom say congrats tomInge.
    I am thrilled to have an ATC from you as I so admire your art. Thank you.

  3. Happy blog anniversary!!!!
    Gefeliciteerd Teri C en Inge!

  4. Hé wat leuk ... ik win nooit iets!!! Ik stuur je 'n pb-tje. Also my congratulations to Teri C!

  5. How cute is that! Much better than random number generators!!! Hugs, G

  6. omg! So cute that you put Maya to work! Happy anniversary!!!

  7. Hai Brigitte, ik heb de ATC gekregen. Hartelijk bedankt!! Groetjes, Inge

  8. That is so cleverBrigitte; I enjoyed watching Maya make her strategic selections. It was something she had to get in the mood for and when she did, she went right to the winners. Great short videos. Thanks,

  9. Congratulations on your 5th year, Brigitte!!!! You are a gem out here in blogland and it is such a pleasure to get to know you these past few years. Hooray for the lucky winners! And how adorable sweet Maya is.

  10. Och hoe schattig!!! Toffe en originele manier om de winnaars te kiezen. :D


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