Monday, October 3, 2011

Classes have started!

After a long (and cold) summer, we started again with our weekly drawing/painting classes. This year we have a new teacher - he is a professional artist and I think he'll make classes interesting.

The first small task was to sketch a bowl of apples, in 10 minutes - no more! This way he wanted to see what level we all are and we could discuss what we want to learn this year. After that, we were allowed to work on a project of your own. I decided to (finally) finish my cherries in graphite.

10 minute-sketch (ink and watercolor)

Finished drawing in graphite
(both pictures: click to enlarge)


  1. Both drawings = delicious! The quick one of the apples is so simple and expressive! The cherries? Excellent!

  2. How beautifully you show a simple painting of the apples and how exquisite the shine on those cherries is.

  3. Both look deliciously beautiful!

  4. beautiful the graphite piece....enjoy your class :)


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