Sunday, October 2, 2011

Workshop pastel on velours

Two weeks ago I participated in a workshop 'pastel on velours'. 

I have been drawing (animal)portraits on regular paper, but I heard so many things about pastel on velours that I wanted to try it. And a one-day workshop was perfect to become acquainted with this material.

We were asked to start a sketch at home, so during the workshop no time was lost with sketching.

I loved working with it, it was a complete new experience to me. See the result (so far, it is not finished yet, but I wanted to share it).
(click to enlarge)
reference photo by Daisyree Bakker


  1. Het ziet er geweldig uit, Brigitte!

  2. Heel mooi, wat een detail!

  3. Dit is schitterend Brigitte. Je hebt de ogen ook prachtige getekend. Ik word trouwens wel nieuwsgierig naar velourspapier.

  4. Brigitte,jij hebt de mooiste poes getekend!In een woord schitterend. vr gr herman.

  5. How beautifully rendered! The lighting is so good!!

  6. You have been creating some fantastic pieces these past few months! And your classes sound like great fun.

    Pastel on velour??? Oh wow, this is gorgeous!

  7. Beautifull result! Wauw


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